Thank God I was born in the 20th Century

I thank god every day for the fact that I was NOT born in the 1800’s (or before).  If there is one thing I can gain from my addiction to genealogy, it’s an appreciation for what I have in this lifetime.

My Top 10 Reasons for Why I am Grateful for being born in the 20th Century:

1.     Hair Dryers – oh boy would I be ugly without my hair dryer
2.     Air Conditioning – oh boy would I be crabby without air conditioning
3.     Indoor Plumbing – no explanation needed
4.     Planes, Trains and Automobiles – my other addiction is traveling.  I really don’t care where I go as long as I have a vacation in the works.  To think people never left their hometown is very sad to me.
5.     Drive Thru Fast Food – I love it that I never have to get out of my car to buy lunch.
6.     Pants – The outfits that women wore in the 1800’s were ridiculous.  Those poor women in humid Louisiana!
7.     Birth Control – sorry, but I’m not interested in having 16 children over a span of 20 years.  Throw in outhouses for when you feel ill, and I would have run away
8.     The Internet – it’s made searching for my ancestors a breeze
9.     Modern Medicine – How did they handle allergies to ragweed?  Sneeze all day for a month?
  1. Equal Rights – again, no explanation needed

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